Digital Release: Deleting Data

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Digital Release: Device Hacking

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Digital Release: Re-coding Target

Digital Release: Radio-active Brainwaves

Digital Release: Virus Spread


Ryumichi Yamanaka


Digital Release: Deleting Data is a technique developed by someone in history, and remastered by Ryumichi Yamanaka,

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This is a forgotten-to-most clan technique that allows a user to hack data (from both living creatures and still life) then delete them. Only shinobi with the detagan, understand both realistic and digital world has access to these techniques. Copied and saved pages are stored in a secured part of your memory. Codes are written like this:

| colspan="2" style="font-size: 11px; padding: 0px; margin: 0px; line-height: 6px; text-align: center;" |

In different targets (still life, living creature, architecture, landscape etc.), codes are slightly different.


Steps to perform it: Only hacking and reading---step1-3, sending information---step1-5

1. First you need Digigan and basic digital knowledge.

2. Form a source page screen composed of chakra in front of you.

3. You'll see a BUNCH of code. Save a copy, then highlight those you want to delete.

4. Delete the highlighted codes, and press the 'save' button to confirm.

5. Check it is the same as what you wanted, if not use the Digital Release: Creating Data to recreate them.

This technique is rarely used among shinobi, but normally used for evidence-deleting or attacking purposes.

However, it can also be used for killing purposes by deleting a target's data, meaning they no longer exist.


  • Even in the past, it is a rare technique that very few are capable of, usually among the Yamanaka Clan.
  • It is an advanced version of the Mind-Body techniques, upgrading it to a level that minds and bodies can be read and controlled with ease.

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