Diaorama (Dias) Senju (ディアス千住, Senju Diaz) is a non-registered shinobi of Konohagakure and Amegakure as well as one of the final remaining members of the Senju clan.

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Diaorama (Dias) Senju

(ディアス千住, Senju Diaz)

Birthdate March 21
  • Part 2: 17
Gender Male
Blood type B
Kekkei Genkai
  • Emperor of Akuzura Empire (Epilogue)
Ninja Rank
  • Kage-Equal (Epilogue)
 Nature Type

Deva Path

Preta Path

Animal Path

Lightning Release: False Darkness

Lightning Release: Giant Heaven's Lightning Bolt Judgement

Water Release: Hydro Shuriken

Sage Art: Massive Multi-Point Hydro Shuriken Barrage

Water Release: Exploding Water Collding Wave

Water Release: Water Shark Bullet Technique

Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique

Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Technique

Wind Release: Great Breakthrough

Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique

Earth Release: Mud Wall

Earth Release: Quintuple Stone Pillar Rising

Sage Art: Water Release: Grand Tsunami Collison Wave.

Sage Art: Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands

Space-Time Jutsu: Flying Raijin Draining Slash

Summoning Technique

Summoning: Quintuple Rashōmon

Summoning: Rashōmon

Top Transformed Buddha

Teleportation Technique: Gentagan Dimensional Portal

Wood Clone Technique

Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees

Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees

Wood Release: Great Forest Technique

Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique

Wood Release: Wood Human Technique

Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall

Wood Release: Great Tree Spear


Dias Senju was born in Konohagakure near the extinction times of the Senju, as one of the last Senju alive. Hiruzen Sarutobi took care of him and kept him from the outside world keeping his existence secret. During the time of the nine-tails attack the Masked Man (Obito), seeking a backup plan in the case Nagato betrayed him, implanted into Dias, Madara Uchiha's cells without his own knowledge as well as a serum that sped up the awakening of his eyes to 1/2 of the time necessary. In the aftermath Hiruzen had him flee to Amegakure with 2 people he trusted as Konohagakure would no doubt struggle after the nine-tails attack. Dias soon quickly grew up and developed his kekkei genkai first awakening the Rinnegan after his two guardians who he saw as parents by then were murdered by Hanzo in front of his eyes. Eventually he was sought after by Hanzo. He fled the village and went into hiding further developing his jutsu and powers. Somewhere between this and the Senju-Uchiha Revolution Arc he awakened Gentagan in one of his eyes.


Dias appears as a young man about 175 cm tall. He has white hair like Tobirama. His eye color is never shown as he is always seen with his visual prowess activated. He wears a Senju battle wardrobe, alike to Obito's fourth shinobi war outfit only white with black highlights in color with the Senju crest on the back and sides. He wears navy blue pants and brown boots.


Dias is calm and collected, but most of all brave. He is serious and takes precautions beyond the normal standards to prevent disasters. He is not easily scared and when threatened he will take action immediately. He follows his clan's ideals to fight Uchiha until meeting Sidra. He is always willing to stand up for himself and his ideals and can kill without hesitation. Dias sometimes lets his own desires get in the way of his insight, which makes him sometimes easily manipulated. As such he automatically assumes all Uchiha were the same as Madara until he meets Sidra.

Dias is generally polite and kind to shinobi, he dislikes people who are cruel or no reason and especially dislikes those who steal.

Others think of Dias as a fierce leader, as someone who won't back down from any challenge. He may seem tough at the beginning, but Sidra quotes he's a nice person on the inside once he sees the good inside you.

Dias is generally more mature of others and does not accept foolish behavior. Dias' personality is generally leaning more on Tobirama's personality than Hashirama's. However he enjoys humor every now and then, and when in a good mood he likes to make jokes as well and he always enjoys a good laugh.

Another aspect of Dias is that he is persistant and will not stop pursuing his goal, even if it seems far-fetched, however he is also intelligent enough to know when he is defeated and retreats.

Another aspect of Dias is that he will do things for his own benefit under the haux that his goal is something else.



Dias taijutsu is superior to most people. His strength, speed and attack capacity is increased thanks to his Gentagan allowing him to manipulate nature energy. He is shown to be able to fight multiple shinobi with just taijutsu and hold his own for long periods of time.


Dias ninjutsu various from almost all the major nature releases. His Rinnegan gives him access to all the nature releases, his Gentagan further powers up this technique. His major nature release is wood release, with water release and lightning release as backup.


Dias cannot cast genjutsu, but he is able to expel genjutsu at a certain extent, however he is easily trapped by powerful users of genjutsu. Because of this he is shown to be cautious of genjutsu.


Dias is very good at using Hashirama's sword in battle. His skill probably matches Sasuke's kenjutsu skills.

Physical Properties

Dias' physical strength is greater than that of regular shinobi. His speed is also unparalleled by others. His agility is not as sharp as characters such as Rock Lee or Kiba Inuzuka, however he is still able to quickly move around. Dias' punch is enough to overpower most average shinobi.

Kekkei Genkai

Dias' kekkei genkai is wood release as Hashirama's was also. He can perform multiple wood release jutsu such as wood golem or wood dragon. As well as Hashirama's summoning jutsus, the rashomon. He is also skilled in water release jutsu as Tobirama was, as well as lightning style for backup.

Dias' Rinnegan


Dias' Gentagan

Dias has one eye Rinnegan. His left eye. Which allows him to use Animal, Deva and Preta paths which allow him to control repulsion and attraction forces as well as absorb ninjutsu and summon beasts at will.

Dias' Gentagan

Gentagan: The Original Eye. An eye which is an advanced form of Rinnegan. The user of Gentagan is able to manipulate nature energy like a sage does without actually needing to use sage mode. Gentagan can also manipulate dimensional forces so that the user can open dimensional portals and travel long distances in mere moments, as well as that, the user is able to place a seal that seals off communication or gaps between dimensions, as such space-time jutsu can be negated by the Gentagan by placing a seal on the opponent. (Flying Raijin or Kamui for example) This eye is also seemingly able to see if a person is a jinchuuriki or has any sealed beast, as well as placing a temporary seal that seperates the opponent from their sealed beast making them unable to access any ability or chakra from their sealed beast.

Gentagan is unlocked when someone has met the following

  • Possesses Rinnegan
  • Experiences something emotional.
  • Have DNA of a person that has Sharingan
  • Have DNA of a person that has Byakugan
  • Have had love and then lost it.
  • Have had been poisoned and survived.
  • Be a reincarnation or related to a reincarnation of Ashura Otsutsuki
  • Have had a near-death experience
  • Have usage over all the main chakra natures. (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning)
  • Have a deep desire for peace and is willing to sacrifice everything to ensure that desire

This was all accomplished by Dias who is able to use the chakra natures. Unlocked Rinnegan. Has the DNA of Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju. Saw his 'parents' killed before him. Almost killed by Hanzo. Stole a dead Hyuga's DNA somewhere. Poisoned by Hanzo and survived. Is Hashirama's blood who is a reincarnation of Asura. Had love in Hiruzen as his elder and caretaker and lost it at Hiruzen's death. This all combined to unlock the Gentagan.


Dias is very smart. He can quickly analyze opponents. He is about jonin-level at age 17. Enough to match wits and unpredictability with Naruto Uzumaki and tactics with Sidra Uchiha.


Dias' main weakness is his nature to take actions and such this may cloud his judgement. This is shown during the Senju-Uchiha Revolution Arc where Dias attacks Sidra despite Sidra telling him that the story Tobi told him is false.

If one can move faster than Dias' then they stand a good chance of using hit and run for attacks. Which might slowly wear him down and eventually lead to defeat.

Genjutsu is useful and also a main weakness to Dias, it's best if it's physical such as Tsukuyomi or Kotoamatsukami or affect other senses over visual, hearing, taste, touch etc. Weak genjutsu is shown to be easily broken by Dias.

Space-Time Ninjutsu is negated by Dias' Gentagan, it's best to not attempt against Dias.

Recommended to have wide range of jutsu nature types.

Recommended to have an extra supply of chakra in some way obtainable, in the case Dias' manages to drain chakra using Hashirama's Sword.

Only very advanced taijutsu can defeat Dias. Rock Lee or Might Guy probably have the best chances.

Ninjutsu is hard to outmatch Dias in, but there's always a chance if the user possesses the power to do so.


Hashirama's Sword

Hashirama's Sword

Dias wields Hashirama's sword which has the ability to drain chakra from the opponent. If it pierces skin it can continuously drain chakra from the opponent. Dias is also able to coat Hashirama's sword in lightning in a way alike to Sasuke's chidori blade.


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Third 5 4.5 2 4 4 4 4 4.5 32

Part II

Senju-Uchiha Revolution Arc

Taking place in the fourth shinobi war countdown arc just after Tobi steals the Rinnegan from Nagato's resting place, Tobi meets up with Dias Senju and then tells him lies about Sidra's assault on Konoha, enraging him. After tricking both warriors to meet at Konohagakure, the two engage in a village-destroying battle using powerful techniques. It's Rinnegan and Gentagan vs Mangekyou Sharingan and Armadagan, with devastating results. Naruto tries his best, but is unable to stop the two from fighting against each other, whom will not quit until one falls to the other's weapon. Meanwhile, Tobi shoots an announcement to the five kages, that the fourth shinobi war, if they do not surrender, destruction like what Dias and Sidra are doing the leaf village is a mere taste of the destruction that can happen. Things go from bad to worse when both warriors unleash versions of Planetary Devastation. With the battle reaching the climax, Naruto throws himself in the middle of the attacks trying to stop the battle once more. Dias threatens him that him he doesn't leave, he will die. Naruto disagrees as he considers Sidra a friend and will defend her. Sidra doesn't comply and just tells Naruto to leave before he gets hurt and leave them to their battle. Naruto once again disagrees and continues to interfere, drawing both Dias and Sidra's attention to him to the point where they both will fight him simply to get rid of him. Naruto attempts to fight both descendants of legendary shinobi and is soon overpowered even with his nine-tails chakra mode helping him though he manages to lead the two shinobi out of the leaf and they continue fighting through the forest and eventually getting to the valley of the end. Naruto is exhausted and retreats back again letting the two shinobi duke it out in the valley with Dias ending victorious. Dias leaves the valley, however Sidra tricked him with genjutsu and managed to get away from the battle alive. Tobi encounters Dias once more and offers him a place in his team for the fourth shinobi war, which Dias outright refuses. Dias reveals that he managed to steal the gedo statue from Tobi's command making Tobi attack Dias. Tobi's kamui lets him avoid all the attacks, however thanks to his battle with Sidra, Dias knew all the weaknesses of it and got around it using Gentagan leaving Tobi with very few options. Tobi manages to regain the upper hand by having Zetsu clones outnumber Dias, but Dias ended the clones by summoning the gedo statue and ending the clones with its power. The gedo statue goes on the offense at Tobi, who manages to escape using Izanagi from a newly implanted eye. Tobi then unleashes his wood style, which counters Dias' wood style. Dias had Tobi on the ropes, until black Zetsu comes in trying to control Dias' body. However Sidra appears through kamui and releases Dias from Zetsu. With two powerful warriors now there, Tobi retreats, first distracting the two with a minefield jutsu that he set up earlier, then sealing the gedo statue in a scroll and retaking it. As such Dias and Sidra both manage to escape unharmed and no longer had grudges at each other. Sometime afterwards, Dias and Sidra regroup with Naruto who reveals to Dias and Sidra the truth about Itachi's mission, they both entrust him to finish the shinobi war and both leave for the west. Obito in this arc mentions he should have killed Sidra during the Uchiha Massacre as well as Dias during the nine-tails attack.

Tobi later reveals in slience his plan was originally to have two Rinnegan users be pawns in his plan, using one to revive Madara in the case Nagato failed and using the other for battle. He then reveals getting Dias to awaken Rinnegan was a success, but he underestimated Dias' intelligence. He also intended to implant Hashirama's DNA in Sidra, but did not get the chance to. Therefore drew the second Rinnegan user out of the plan, when Sidra attacked the leaf, Tobi changed his plan for Dias and Sidra to fight and then for Black Zetsu to step in and control Dias after he was exahausted by battle and revive Madara, which was interrupted by Sidra. This part of the plan ended in failure, however it did not completely stop the plan, Tobi then continued his plan.

Infinite Tsukuyomi

Due to his Rinnegan, Dias avoids the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Not much is known about what happened during this period.

Konoha Hiden: A Perfect Day for A Wedding

Dias is one of the many people to show up to Naruto's wedding, by which he gives Naruto a kunai signed and used by Hashirama.

Akuzura Empire Rising

Dias and Sidra unite the land of shadows into the Akuzura Empire.


Dias is emperor of the Akuzura Empire. He is married to Sidra Uchiha whom they have a daughter named Arisa.


Dias is seen in the opening of Naruto The LAST fighting with Sidra Uchiha.

Video Games

Dias Senju is a playable character in the following video games:

Game name   Japanese release   English release  
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 February 4, 2016 February 9, 2016

Dias appears only one game as a DLC character.

DLC Package: Senju-Uchiha Multi-Mass Mix

DLC Package: Senju-Uchiha Multi-Mass Mix

New Characters

  • Sidra Uchiha
  • Sidra Uchiha (Battle Fan and Sword)
  • Sidra Uchiha (Armadagan)
  • Sidra Uchiha (Xachikyu Form 1)
  • Dias Senju


  • Sidra Uchiha (Beachwear)

Combination Ultimate Jutsu

  • Dias and Sidra (Catastrophic Burning Forest Planetary Devastation)
  • Naruto (Nine-Tailed Link) and Sidra (Xachikyu Form 1), (Tailed Beast Planetary Xachikyu Inferno Rasenshuriken)
  • Hashirama and Dias (Wood Release: Nature's True Deep Forest Emergence)
  • Obito (Unmasked) and Sidra (Fire Release: True Explosion Storm Inferno Impact)
  • (If Hikari Hyuga and Yukiko Sensui are also unlocked) Sidra, Hikari, Yukiko (Fire Typhoon Guardian Rotational Dance)


  • Uchiha Showdown Arc (Played as Sidra and then Naruto)
  • Senju-Uchiha Revolution Arc (Played as Sidra and then Naruto)

For her first two forms, Sidra fights with an acrobatic style in taijutsu, which does not do as much damage as usual in exchange Sidra's dash is faster than most characters. Xachikyu form 1 is able to fly in the air as a dash.

Sidra's ultimate jutsu and ninjutsu (Ultimate jutsu/ninjutsu) (Awakening)

  • (Yasaka Magatama/Inferno Style: Flame Control) (Susanoo)
  • (Xachikyu/Fire Style: Wild Wave Blast Dance) This form has instant awakening changes to Xachikyu Form 1, her ninjutsu then changes to Xachikyu Stream which does damage equal to Nagato's Shura Attack: Distance.

Sidra (Armadagan) Awakening

  • (Heavenly Disaster/Akujin Tensei) (Xachikyu)

Sidra (Xachikyu Form 1)

  • (Titan Xachikyu Planetary Inferno Shuriken/Xachikyu Searing Flames Dance) (Complete-Form Xachikyu)

For Dias, he fights with his sword, during this when he uses taijutsu on the enemy his drains away chakra from the opponent, in exchange, Dias' taijutsu only has four consecutive hits instead of six.

  • (Sage Art: Wood Style: Shin Susenju/Wood Style: Forest Destruction)
  • (Nature's Planetary Devastation/Wood Style: Forest Destruction)
  • (Lightning Style: Grand Lightning/Water Style: Shark Bomb)

Ultimate Jutsu Cutscenes

  • Sidra's ultimate jutsu cutscene shows her saying "Unless you can overcome hatred, you will never defeat me."
  • Against Naruto she says, "Naruto, I'll still fight with everything I've got!"
  • Against Sasuke she says, "All the hatred in the world will not defeat me."
  • Against Dias she says, "This is the power of the Uchiha!"
  • Dias' ultimate jutsu cutscene shows him saying, "Long live the Senju!"
  • Against Sidra he says, "Behold, this is the power of the Senju!"
  • Against Naruto he says, "I said I wouldn't hold back against you. Now you pay the price."

Ending Cutscenes

If Sidra wins the battle the cutscene shows her saying one of the following

  • "You lost because you gave into hatred."
  • "I will not fall into hatred, I will fight for a new world of peace."
  • "The Uchiha are the strongest, no one can stop us."
  • "They call me the Uchiha's Fiery Princess, understand why?"

If Dias wins the battle the cutscene shows him saying one of the following

  • "The Senju will not fall to you."
  • "I am a Senju, I cannot lose to someone such as you."
  • "Hashirama, Tobirama, I will carry their legacy."
  • "A peaceful world is upon us, all those who stand in our way shall be eliminated."


Dias wishes to fight any powerful Uchiha, specificially, Sasuke Uchiha and Sidra Uchiha.

Dias goal was to bring peace to the world, his second goal was to surpass Hashirama in strength, which is a shared goal with Sidra Uchiha.

Dias' favorite food is sweet and sour dango while his least favorite is Omusubi.

Dias' favorite place is the forest.

Dias' is not a recorded as a missing-nin though he is not registered as a ninja anywhere and did abandon Amegakure.

Dias has not completed any official missions. His unofficial ones are

  • Retrieve Hashirama's Sword from the Senju Ruins (B-rank)
  • Kill Sidra Uchiha (Failed/S-rank)

Dias' stats total up to the same amount as Sidra Uchiha.

Dias does not have a specifc ninja rank since he is not registered in Konohagakure nor Amegakure as a ninja nor a missing-nin.


"Giving up does not benefit anyone except the enemy."

"There are times where one has to lose a battle in order to win the war."

"Ideals without strength is far from the truth, simply put, they are not reality."

"A ninja needs to look beneath the underneath. Only then can you find the truth."

To Naruto, "There are two types of people in this world. Those who desire peace and those who do not. Are you telling me that you are up to fight against everyone who wants to disrupt peace by yourself?"

To Sidra, "Our families have fought for years. It was your forefather that led the Uchiha into despair, not mine."

To Sidra, "I now realize, you are different from other Uchiha. Perhaps we can be friends afterall."

Thinking about Sidra. 'She makes me feel so warm inside. Is this what you felt with Mito, Hashirama?'

To Naruto, "You sacrifice anything for anyone, even this girl who destroyed your village. You are truly a kind person, that's what makes you a fool. The shinobi world isn't a world of understanding, it's a hell of a world."

To the people, "I shall lead you to a greater future. I will not fail! If I fail, may the gods take my soul to hell!"

To Naruto, "Truth is different from ideal. My ancestor wanted peace. I'll entrust that ideal to you, hopefully you can make it reality."


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