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Kongo Keisei

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Diamond Formation                  

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Diamond Formation



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Kotarō Shimura

Seina Hoshina

Saya Kohaku

Takeo Nara

The Diamond Formation is a series of battle formations that were developed by the members of Team Cho Li. There are several different variations to the Diamond Formation with each member of Team Cho Li taking a different spot in the "diamond" based on what their abilities are and what the overall battle plan is.

The first member serves as the spearhead and breaks through the enemy's guard. The next two members do additional damage and distract from the final member's actions. The enemy is then finished off by the last member's attack.

Formation I

Kotarō serves as the spearhead with his Wind Release: Gale Palm. With the enemy knocked back by the blast, Takeo and Saya run in and strike. Takeo uses a combination of kunai and explosive tags and Saya uses taijutsu. Finally, Seina uses her Flying Swallow to deal the finishing blow.

Formation II

Saya serves as the spearhead with her Refraction Offensive. Kotarō and Seina then strike with Wind Release: Raptor Talon and Swift Release respectively. Takeo finishes the foe with his Shadow Neck Bind.

Formation III

In this formation, Seina spearheads with Swift Release: Shadowless Flight. Saya and Takeo attack similarly to their Formation I role. Kotarō then uses his Wind Release: Vacuum Blade to end the fight.

Formation IV

Takeo spearheads this formation with Shadow Sewing. Seina and Kotarō once more use Swift Release and Raptor Talon. Wearing her Spiked Guantlets, Saya rushes forward to bash the enemy with weighted strength.


  • The character for diamond (金剛) in this case means Vajra, which means both thunderbolt and diamond. Additionally Vajra also refers to a ritualistic weapon that symbolizes the indestructibility of diamond and the irresistible force of a thunderbolt. 

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