Crystal Shard Cave
Crystal Shard Cave (晶片洞 Shōhendō) is a cave located in the Land of Flora, outside of Kusagakure. The unique crystal that grows there is excavated by the Toueizu Clan for use in their role as Archivist-nin (記録係忍, kirokugakarinin; English TV "Archive Ninja").

Cave Layout

Crystal Shard Cave is a fairly large cave located within a bamboo forest. Inside, there is a large main chamber with many caverns branching off of it. There are also a few spots that lead down to a lower floor. The crystals are found throughout the cave, however, they are not always easy to see. Some crystals grow out in the open, in clusters. Others are hidden in crystal veins in the walls, beneath the rock surface. The crystals themselves tend to have an equant habit, with excavated chunks being about the size of an apple. There is very little else to find in the cave besides the crystals.


Raw Crystal

Chunk of raw crystal.

New members are taken to the cave in groups, when the majority of them has come of age. This is usually around their final year in the Academy. Prior to this event, they are shown various methods of excavation to ensure that not only will they collect a proper crystal, but that they don't damage the surrounding crystals in the process.

Once inside the cave, the new members begin excavating, while a few experienced members hang around to help, if needed. The young members are told to explore the cave's various caverns before digging, to allow for some meditation. When they come to a spot they feel is good, they start mining. Those who find a vein of crystal carefully extract a chunk from the surrounding rock. Those who take from a growth of exposed crystal are careful to leave the leftover growth as intact as possible, for future members.

After collecting a crystal, them members regroup and head back to the clan to begin their training.

Crystal Prism Formation

Toueizu Crystal Prisms

Examples of completed prisms.

With the raw crystals, the clan begins to form them into prisms. This is done by flowing chakra into them each day. After about three to five months, the raw crystals become prisms with distinct geometric shapes. They are then complete, and can be used to project memories.


  • A crystal's "habit" is a description of its general external shape. "Equant" habits have roughly equal length, width, and breadth. Olivine is an example of this habit.


  • Cave image used a picture of Lost Cave from Pokemon Leaf Green as a guide.
  • Raw crystal image used a picture of an Olivine crystal as a guide.
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