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Shō Kakuchū

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Crystal Prism


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Anri Toueizu
Daigo Toueizu
Ginta Toueizu
Nagi Toueizu
Yuka Toueizu
Toueizu Clan

These are special prisms used in the Toueizu clan's Memory Projection Technique. After forming them from raw crystals with their chakra, members can project their recorded memories onto a flat surface. The shape of the prism varies, depending on the user's chakra signature and personality.

They take very good care of them and even go out of their way to keep them from shattering. However, should they break, a new one can still be made. The more experience a member has with using the memory projection technique, the faster they can make a new prism. With the amount of time and effort put into creating their original prism, most members see it as a part of themselves, and may go into a bit of a depression until a new one can be finished.


When performing the memory projection technique, the Toueizu place their prism on the ground in front of a flat surface. After some concentration and hand seals, they extend their hands out towards the prism. The memories then flow out into the prism, where they get refracted like light through a glass prism. Similar to how the refracted light splits into separate colors, the memories are spread out along the flat surface. The resulting image resembles that of a movie projector playing on a wall.


  • Chunk of raw crystal.
  • Partially formed prism.
  • Completed prism.

When a group of Toueizu members comes of age, they are taken to Crystal Shard Cave. Inside, they excavate a chunk of raw crystal. Once collected, each member spends the next three to five months flowing some of their chakra into it. There's a limit to how much chakra they are allowed to add each day. Adding too much chakra will complete the prism faster, however, it will be more brittle and the memories projected with it will be of a poorer quality. If the correct amount of chakra is added, the crystal will gradually change shape until a clean-cut geometric shape is made. The prism is then complete and ready to use.

In the event that a new prism must be made, the amount of time to complete will be less than the original prism, due to the user's experience with flowing memories through the material.

List of Known Prisms

Anri Crystal

Anri's prism is in the shape of a sphere.

Daigo Crystal

Daigo's prism is in the shape of a beveled cube.

Ginta Crystal

Ginta's prism is in the shape of a rectangular hexahedron.

Nagi Crystal

Nagi's prism is in the shape of an octahedron.

Yuka Crystal
Yuka Crystal 2

Yuka's first prism was in the shape of a hexagonal polyhedron with it's top and bottom faces raised. Yuka's new prism is similar to the first, but with a beveled edge on the two faces.

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