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Concealment Release

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Concealment Release: Misty Moonlit Night
Concealment Release: Soundproof

Concealment Release (隠蔽遁, Inpeiton) is a kekkei genkai unique to Yasu. It has the capability to hide things, including the user, from the awareness of others. Unlike the Hiding with Camouflage Technique or the abilities of the Second Tsuchikage, this kekkei genkai does not just bend light around the user. More accurately, it obscures the user and makes them easily forgettable.

When in use, those who see Yasu will have trouble focusing on any specific aspect of him. Even if they look directly at him, they will only remember brief details of him; as if they only saw him in their peripheral vision. Yasu can also dampen any noise he makes. This combination can make it seem like he was never even there.

With this technique, Yasu can get past various defenses easily without being noticed. This helps him as an information broker, in that he can acquire what he needs while remaining relatively inconspicuous. After Kazō Yakusho becomes the head diplomat for Kusagakure, Yasu often visits him in his office without alerting the gate sentries, or even the others in Kazō’s building, to his presence.

He can also use this ability on objects to hide them on his person without other people noticing it. This can be seen when he hid a scroll from Kazō’s team before revealing it, seemingly out of thin air.

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