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Kekkei Genkai

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- I just thought of making this outline so we can create fan made clans in this wiki! (Info on jutsu go here)

How to use!

1. First click edit on this page.

2. You'll see something on the top saying "Source" and "Visual". Click on source.

3. You'll see a BUNCH of code. Highlight all of it, then copy it. Do not cut.

4. On your original jutsu's page, click on source and paste the copy of the code on it.

5. Go to Visual after that, and you'll see this page on yours. Then you are free to put your clan's data on there.

6. Delete the instructions on YOUR page so this isn't on your clan's's page :3

7. Spread the word about this new infobox! We need more clans in this wiki!


I also made an Template for character infoboxes!

I think it looks nicer, and is easier to use than the original infoboxes for characters. Check it out here: Character Infobox Template

And another for jutsu: Jutsu Template

Questions? Ask me on Deviantart: nxf11rocks

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