Earth Dragon Pulse              

English TV

Earth Dragon's Heart



Hakuyō Tribe


Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu

Known Wielders

Agama Hakuyō
Kanahebi Hakuyō
Yamori Hakuyō


Draconic Rampage
Dragon Scale Shield
Dragon Scale Spear
Dragon Scale Thorns
Rampaging Dragon Claw
Rampaging Halberd Whip
Rampaging Horn Charge

Chiryūmyaku (地竜脈, Literally meaning: Earth Dragon Pulse) is a kekkei genkai that gives its wielder the ability to transform partially or fully into a dragon-like entity. This kekkei genkai is inherited among a few members of the Hakuyō Tribe. This ability apparently alters the user's appearance granting them scales somewhere on their body. The location of the scales varies from individual to individual as does the color.


The Chiryūmyaku originated in the Land of Rainforests and was wielded by the Hakuyō Tribe. Because of the Hakuyō tribe's kekkei genkai, they were considered one of the most powerful tribe in the newly founded Edagakure.

Around the time of the First Shinobi World War, the Hakuyō tribe attempted a coup d'état to take over Eda, but failed because of a spy placed in their ranks by Kansoku, the second village head. Afterwards, most of the clan and by extension, most wielders of the Chiryūmyaku were killed. Eleven of the twelve survivors fled to the Land of Ice, with Yamori Hakuyō fleeing to Konohagakure after getting separated from the others.


The main abilities of Chiryūmyaku is allowing the user to use a special transformation technique to partially or fully transform into a dragon-like entity and to manipulate their scale growth. These transformations can take place within a moment's notice, allowing users to make highly effective surprise attacks.

Transforming into a full dragon is this kekkei genkai's most powerful ability and requires a tremendous amount of chakra, but also grants the user enhanced strength and defensive scales that require strong techniques to pierce.

Aside from transformations, the user is also capable of manipulating the growth of their scales. These scales are extremely tough, with swords barely leaving scratches. By manipulating their scales to cover their whole body, the user creates an "Absolute Defense". By manipulating their scales to grow beyond their body, the user is capable of creating spears and blades to pierce an opponent from a safe distance.


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