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Chakra Gel

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Chakra Gel



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This technique allows the user to convert their chakra into a gel-like substance that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The gel is adhesive in nature and clings to surfaces very easily. The gel can be hardened to form weapons and shields, and can also revert back to its gel form if the user wishes. Over time the gel will evaporate on its own or the user can have it evaporate at an accelerated rate by forming the seal of confrontation. The user also is unaffected by their own gel.


By applying chakra flow into the gel, the user can change its properties based on the type of chakra that is applied to it.

The known variations utilized include:

  • Fire gel: Creates a gel that is just as hot as actual fire, but retains the adhesive properties of the normal gel, allowing the user to create a near perpetually burning glue. When combined with wind gel, a devastating explosion is created. Fire Gel is red in color.
  • Water gel: Creates a gel that is slippery in nature. This gel has little offensive capabilities and is most often used for covering escapes by creating a slippery floor or creating fire-resistance coatings. When combined with Lightning Gel, a near impassible barrier can be created. Water Gel is blue in color.
  • Wind gel: Creates a gel that has been described as "air made solid" though it evaporates a faster rate than most other gels. This gel is highly explosive similar to oxygen or hydrogen gas. In small amounts, it can be used to fuel fire, but when combined with Fire Gel in large amounts, it creates a devastating explosion. Wind Gel is green in color.
  • Earth gel: Creates a gel that has earthen properties. While it does not have many uses in its gel form, when hardened it can augment physical attacks or strengthen defenses. Unlike other gels, hardened Earth Gel evaporates at a far slower rate often taking decades or even hundreds of years, making it a useful building material. Earth Gel is a light-tan to dark brown in color.
  • Lightning gel: Creates a gel that can maintain a electric charge and is most often used for coating weapons or for creating traps. Lightning Gel is yellow in color.
  • Healing gel: Creates a gel that can rapidly heal where it is applied. This gel is capable of acting as a healing agent and staunching blood flow. Healing Gel is yellowish-white in color.


  • Being the signature technique of Hyōgagakure, the village is highly protective of this technique and goes to great lengths to keep it out of the hands of other villages.
  • This technique was inspired by luxin from the Lightbringer novel series.

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