Dearest N.O.W'ers,

There has been a change regarding the use of categories. This change in the rules will be effective immediately and will be checked regularly by staff. We have had enough with the chaos that categories have caused. It is time-consuming to fix any errors, and considerably hard to encourage the users to follow a set idea. So now there is a set rule. All users will be alerted to this change via a message in their talk pages. It is highly recommended that you make adjustments to your pre-existing pages with this change in mind.

We thank you for your understanding in this situation.

With humble regards,

The Staff.

The Change

It's simple. You only need to add the categories that you need. So how do you know which ones you need?

Well, your page needs to be finished for that understanding to take place.

‣ When creating a new page, you MUST add the following category even if it simply a blank page:


‣)  If your page is partially incomplete then you will also add the DRAFT category. No other category is to be added, and any pre-existing categories should be removed.

‣ ) Pages that are COMPLETED must add the following category to the page:


‣ ) Only when the FINAL category is on your page may you add other categories.

‣) You may go back and make edits to your page even once these categories have been placed, but they must be minor edits only (i.e., grammar edits). If you wish to make any major edits, revert the page back to the DRAFT category only, and once you finish the page you can replace any previous categories that you had before.

We advise you be wary and very picky with the categories you choose to use, as they MUST pertain to your character in their current state only (i.e., don't add a Chūnin category when your character has been made a Jōnin).

If you have any questions, the staff is available at all times!

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