Blood Release



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第十六外伝:Shippuden After Story






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Blood Release



Shinkushi Icon Shinkushi Clan



Hiroto Shinkushi

Eijima Shinkushi

Arata Shinkushi

Rūka Shinkushi

Sawaki Shinkushi


Blood Release: Instantaneous Combustion

Blood Release: Mark of Izanami

Blood Release: Gift of Yakubyōgami

Blood Release: Shinigami Binding

Blood Release: Plunder of the Living

Blood Release (血遁, Chiton) is an advanced kekkei genkai exclusive to the bloodline of the Shinkushi Clan. It is used for juinjutsu, and commonly affiliates its techniques with the horse hand seal.

Note: Blood Release is not an original kekkei genkai and may have been used in other previous original character stories. However, this specific blood release "血遁" or Chiton, along with the backstory, concepts, functions, and utilization of it (including the jutsu listed) are intellectual property of user rin037. For other variations, please create a new page. Thank you.


Shinkushi Clan members posses a unique and inherent ability that allows their cardiovascular system to transform and convert blood cells into chakra. Performing any Blood Release technique causes the jutsu caster a high depletion in blood cell count at an exponential rate. Hence, it is a kekkei genkai exclusive to the Shinkushi Clan, whose bodies are capable of rapid cell regeneration. To posses the kekkei genkai of Blood Release does not necessarily mean to say that the user has the ability to control or manipulate blood. This secret technique of the Shinkushi Clan can be thought of as special charkra applied to the body, utilizing similar concepts to that of medical ninjutsu . In the same way that chakra can be applied to heal an injury, it can also be applied by a Shinkushi to potentially override the system.

When facing an opponent, the jutsu caster must first establish physical contact with the enemy. Through this contact they must penetrate the epidermis layer of skin in order to infuse their chakra into the opponents vasculatory system. The location of the contact is in direct correlation to its effectivity on the opponent. On the surface of the eneny's skin, markings will appear at the point of contact. This is called the Mark of Izanami , which is the first step the jutsu caster must perform in order to proceed to the other techniques .

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