Barrier: Heaven and Earth Obstruction

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Kekkei: Tenchi Heisoku

Literal English

Barrier: Heaven and Earth Obstruction

English TV

Ninja Art: Great Fog Distortion



Ninjutsu, Barrier Ninjutsu


18px-Nature Icon Yin.svg Yin Release

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Long Range

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Two Technique Specific Seals


Sanyu Kazan

Shirako Yuki

This technique creates a barrier that creates a thick fog that distorts the five senses of those caught in the fog whose chakra does not match the user's or those who do not have permission to be withing the barrier. This technique works by creating the fog out of nothingness by using Yin Release and then giving the fog its distortion effects by using Yang Release. This technique has also been shown to be able to mask the caster from the Sharingan due to them seeing the fog colored as the caster's chakra.

However there are several ways to get around the sense distortion. 

  • Exiting the barrier immediatley removes the sense distortion.
  • The same way to break free from genjutsu can be done to temporarily dissipate the sense distortion.
  • Strong chakra shrounds prevent the user from being affected at all.

In order to perform this technique the user must be in possession of all four of the Rashinban Tanken. Each of the four blades are embedded into the ground over a wide range to mark the boundary of the barrier. To activate the barrier the user must use two technique specific seals. After activating the barrier, grey lines will form on the ground that marks the boundary. The barrier will then remain in place so long as the caster is alive, does not cancel it or when 6 hours pass.


  • The fog created by this technique is noted to not have any moisture in it.

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