Barrier: Four Corner Yang Formation

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Kekkai: Yosumi Yan Keisei



Barrier: Four Corner Yang Formation

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Ninja Art: Four Yang Barrier



Ninjutsu, Barrier Ninjutsu


18px-Nature Icon Yang svg Yang Release

Rank A-Rank




Short to Mid Range
Hand Seals 3 Technique Specific Seals


Sanyu Kazan

Shirako Yuki

This technique creates a barrier that is used to seal off particular area. The faces of the barrier are made of opaque silver colored liquid. This barrier prevents any entry or exit so long as it remains active and anything that touches the barrier will be repelled. This includes weapons, living organisms and even ninjutsu. Though the barrier is highly resistant to ninjutsu, powerful techniques such as the Truth-Seeking Ball can break through it. 

In order to perform this technique the user must be in possession of all four of the Rashinban Tanken. Each of the four blades are embedded into the ground to mark the boundry of the barrier. To activate the barrier the user must use the technique specific seals. After activating the barrier, a silver colored liquid will form around the perimeter of the marked location before surging upward. Finally the barrier will remain in place so long as the user is alive, does not dispel it, the four blades remain embedded in the ground, or until three days have passed. 

When amplified with Meian, the barrier's color flickers between black and white and becomes strong enough to completely destroy a metor from the falling moon that impacted it as well as absorbing the shockwave that would have been produced.


  • This barrier has been mentioned to be Sanyu's most powerful defensive technique. 
  • The origin of this technique is unknown, though it has been implied to have come from the time of the Sage of the Six Paths
  • Though not confirmed it is possible that this barrier is able repel genjutsu as Sanyu stated he was going to use this technique to protect himself and Illia from the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

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