Barrier: Final Annihilation Method

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Kekkei: Saishū Shōmetsu Hōshiki

Literal English

Barrier: Final Annihilation Method

English TV

Ninja Art: Destruction Formation



Ninjutsu, Barrier Ninjutsu


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Sanyu Kazan

The Barrier: Final Annihilation Method is considered to be a technique of last resort. By creating a barrier similar to the Four Corner Yang Formation using Yang Release, the user seals of a particular area of their choice, then by using their own body as a medium, they create black water from nothingness using Yin Release to form inside the barrier that will destroy any organic material inside the barrier's boundaries including the caster and whoever is trapped with them, with the water leaving nothing behind, not even bones. Materials made of metal or stone will not be destroyed.

One of the few weaknesses of this technique is that it is almost useless against users of Steel Release due to them being able to turn their bodies into black steel. Users of certain powerful Earth Release techniques can also protect themselves.

In order to perform this technique the user must be in possession of all four of the Rashinban Tanken. Each of the four blades are embedded into the ground to mark the boundry of the barrier. To activate the barrier the user must use the technique specific seals. After activating the barrier, a silver colored liquid will form around the perimeter of the marked location before surging upward. Finally the barrier will remain in place so long as the user is alive, does not dispel it, the four blades remain embedded in the ground, or until thirty seconds have passed.  


  • The water created by this technique has been mistaken to be Water Release, but in actuality is created by Yin Rlease.

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