Bōji Clan

Boji Clan

(日銀, Bōji, Nichigin )


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Known Members

Narasune Bōji

Hinako Bōji

Raine Bōji

Shori Bōji

Arasune Kagume

Nasune Kagume

The Bōji  Clan (日銀のクラン, Bōji Clan) is a current clan that resides in Konohagakure. The clan is a very small one, but all the members are very resourceful when it comes to team work.


Being a small clan, the Bōji clan is under the radar of abilities. They possess a powerful hiden that can pierce into many kinds of wood, metal, steel, and iron. Formed by the head of the clan's father, Narasune Bōji serves the purpose to keep his clan going and strong. Along with others, Narasune has build his clan up to become one of the most reliable and dedicated forces in Konoha.

The clan resides in a small, beautiful place by a river, and by a beautiful sky. The sky and river are sacred to them, and will always clean the river when dirty.


The members of the Bōji clan can transform their hair or their hands into weapons, or "Buki heā". The weapons are shield hair, shuriken hair, sword hair and whip hair.

Appearance and Traits

The most common traits of the Bōji  clan are their long, or spiky hair. Many of the female of the clan, such as Raine Bōji, have really long hair that reaches towards their calves. Male of the clan have short-to-meduim length hair that usually serves as spikes when it transforms.

Many clan members have brown, green, or yellow eyes.


The Bōji  Clan Symbol was made by EveClark on Deviantart.

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