Azayaka Natsumi
Natsumi azayaka

(鮮やか なつ み, Azayaka Natsumi)

Natsu(夏,Natsu)-by close friends and family

Appears in Anime, Manga, Game and Movie
Voice Actors

 Kana Ueda


Jennie Kwan

Birthdate August 5th
Gender Female 
18px-Gender Female svg

Part I: 12-13

Part II: 15-17


Part I: 148.7 cm-150.4 cm

Part II: 161.5 cm


Part I: 35.7 kg-36.1 kg

Part II: 45.8 kg

Blood type O
Kekkei Genkai

 Scorch Release



Konohagakure Symbol

Team Tsumugu

Konoha 11

Team Two

First Division

Ninja Rank

Part I: Genin

Part II: Chūnin

Academy Grad. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 14

Kaiji Azayaka(father)


Eryo Azayaka(grandfather)

Suta Mebuki(grandmother)

 Nature Type

Scorch Release

Wind Release

Fire Release


Scorch release:scorching flame

Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder

Scorch Release: Incinerating Flare Technique

Azayaka Natsumi(鮮やかな夏み) is a kunoichi of Konohagakure.She also works in her parent's blacksmith shop during her free time.Natsu is a member of Konoha 11 and Team Tsumugu.


Natsu child


Not so long before Natsu was born,her father Kaiji used to live in Umenogakure.Village got completely destroyed during 
 Third Shinobi World War,Kaiji and his parents moved away from Umenogakure along with most of the families that lived there.They headed to Sunagakure because,they thought that it was safer there.Eryo and Suta opened blackmsith shop,they used to sell weapons and since it was  war,their business became very successful.In sunagakure Kaiji met his future wife,Kanari.They fell in love but after war came to an end,His parents decided to move to konoha.Kaiji didn't want to leave Kanari,thats why they decided to secretly get engaged.Kaiji's parents weren't happy about it,infact they were very angry because Kaiji and Kanari  were only 17.Their engagment ruined Kaiji's relationship with parents.

Shortly after Eryo and Suta moved to Konoha,Kanari turned out to be pregnant.Kaiji was uncomfortable with raising child in Suna,he also wanted to live closer to parents and he decided to move with his wife and soon to be born baby in Konohagakure.

Natsumi was born on august 5th,just few months before nine-tails attacked konoha.Their family was very loving and happy but Kaiji's parents were so mad that they didn't even came to see baby Natsu.

When nine tails did attack konoha,as shinobi of konohagakure,Kaiji and Kanari went to fight kurama leaving 2 months old Natsu alone.Sadly they didn't survive and died on same day,october 10th.

Natsu's gradparents weren't heartless,son's death made them very upset.They felt guilt for not spending enaugh time with him when they had chance.As only living relatives,Eryo and Suta took Natsu under their wing and raised her with love.

Natsumi was curios and passionate child,she also was very smart and started thinking about her ninja career when she was only 7 years old.She perfectly understood all the responsibilities that came with becoming ninja but she wasn't afraid,she was ready to take the Academy she was pretty passionate about studiyng,always wanted to be first but she always lose to  Sasuke and Ino.During her free time she used to work in her grandparent's blacksmith shop(she still does).


A proud and highly individualistic, Natsu strives to be an outstanding personality, to express herself to the limit to achieve recognition and appreciation of what she is doing. she just can not bear the thought of being in the last row or perform other people's orders, or just be an ordinary "background character". Always creative and brave,Natsu was always perfect "Shinobi material."

She is ambitious, has determination, strength of character, energy and enthusiasm. She also has  a noble, romantic heart, and a love of the dramatic, bright, extravagant.

Natsu is loyal but at same time very lazy and very stubborn person.She is often described to be carefree but thats not true because she worries about everything that is going around konoha.  

As a child she was very curious and always wanted to try out something new,even after getting in troubles she wasn't learning from her mistakes,she kept getting in troubles.All those troubles were caused not only by her curiosity,they were also caused by her clumsiness.


Natsu full body

genin fullbody

As a child she used to have very long hair,which she styled into long ponytail and used to tie it up with red ribbon.She used to have big eyes and soft blush on her cheeks.Natsu used to wear white sweater,black leggins and black sandals.Natsumi has long and wavy auburn hair and tanned skin.Her most notable trait is her eye color,her eyes are yellow with orange shades.Her mother had same eyes and so did her grandfather.She has round face and two long bangs framing it.Natsu also has thin eyebrows,short eyelashes and she usually wears soft orange lipstick on her lips. In a build,she is pretty tall and is considered as skinny,she is kind of person that eats everything but never gains weight.

In Part I, Natu's hair was styled into short,up ponytail.She used to wear blue romper with white t-shirt above it.Grey sandals and blue forehead protector around leg.

In Part II Natsumi became a lot taller in shippuden.She wears white,long-sleeved top,over it she wears blue vest with white konohagakure symbol on it.Grey high-waisted shorts and long black thigh high stockings with black sandals.

In the fourth shinobi world war her hair is styled in long,up ponytail as always.she wears,short flak jacket,blueish-grey high waisted pants and bandages around sandals on the feet and allied shinobi forces forehead protector just like sakura did.


Natsumi is kunoichi known for her skills in ninjutsu.She always had potential of becoming great ninja and as many people say she fulfilled their expectations.She onlyknows three jutsus but ones that she knows,she tries to master it perfectly.Despite all the strong traits of her,she is lack of physical strength and isn't very fast,she also doesn't excells nor in taijutsu or in genjutsu.

Nature Transformation 

She possesses a kekkei genkai known as Scorch Release. By combining two chakra natures, hinted to be fire and wind, she can create heat orbs that "mummify" her enemies, killing them seemingly by evaporating all the moisture in their bodies. In chunin exams she impressed people by using scorching flame technique.In genin years it was only technique she knew.

She learnt scorching flame technique from scroll that her mother left her and later during timeskip she was trained by master that used scorch release.


Natsu is hinted to be very smart,she was one of the best students in academy and has qualities of a true leader.Also strength to keep calm even in most tense situations and come up with a plan that will save her.


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
First 3 1 0.5 3 1.5 2 2 3.5 16
Second 3.5 1.5 0.5 3.5 1.5 2 2.5 3.5 18.5
Third 4.5 2 1.5 4 2.5 2.4 3 4.5 24.5

Part I 

Introduction Arc 

After graduating,Natsu was placed in team 14,together with Toma Mabuchi and Kai Oikawa under guidance of Tsumugu Takemura.In past,Natsu never had any kind of relationship neither with Kai or Toma but Tsumugu was god friend of her grandfather,he used to buy weapons in her grandparents shop very often. 

Chunin exams

Natsu and her team entered chunin exams with big enthusiasm.She was happy to see Tenten there.Tenten was one of the few people who visited her grandparent's blacksmith shop everyday,they were already very close friends.

First part was easy to pass.Natsu got to sit next to Tenten and they both cheated same way, Using strings to adjust hidden mirrors on the ceiling.

After passing seconds parts of chunin exams with struggle,Natsumi was almost freaked out when Hayate announced preliminaries.She felt really exhausted,felt like wasn't ready to face another opponent but giving up never was Natsu's thing,she promised herself  to fight until the end.Natsu was chosen after  Sasuke Uchiha and  Yoroi Akadō.She was very nervous but tried not to show weakness,her opponent was kunoichi from Otogakure,Kouta Ryota.Their fight was one of the most tense fights,neither of them was going to give up and everybody knew it.Kouta was close range figher,which gave Natsumi little advantage.Natsu was avoiding using scorch release but after few serious damages that Kouta done to her,Natsu realized that that fight was too serious to spare her opponent.When she used scorching flame technique,Kouta tried to avoid it by jumping but flame accidentally hit her hand and disabled it.With disbaled hand and incredible pain that Kouta felt,there was no reason to continue fighting,Natsu flet big relief when Ryota gave up.

Natsu was only one to pass from her team,after exam Toma was doing fine but Kai got trauma on his right hand.

In the third part of chunin exams,Natsu was supposed to fight with Sen Nara.Their fight was supposed to be after sasuke's and  Gaara's and both of them were very angry at Sasuke for being so late.Sen and Natsu both wanted fight,unlike preliminary matches,Natsu felt very ready to fight,to win.Much to Natsu's dissapointment,because of invasion fight was cancelled.

Invasion of Konoha Arc

Natsu was able to repel the sleep inducing genjutsu that spread throughout the stadium. She released genjutsu that was also put on her teamates and three of them helped  Might Guy and Kakashi,thoguh they tried to keep distance from as Kai noted "competitive freaks" and let them do their job alone.

Later Natsu is seen on Third hokage's funeral alongside with other villagers.

Sasuke's Retrieval Arc

Natsu and traumatized Kai were seen wishing good luck to Sasuke retrieval team which also involved Toma.

On same evening boys left,woman named Akarui visited her,she suggested Eryo and Suta to let her improve their granddaughters skills and teach her some new scorch release techniques.After giving it a lot of thought,they accepted her suggestion.Natsu was very excited to travel with Akarui and learn more about her kekkei genkai.Natsu felt guilty for not saying goodbye to Toma and everyone else that left to find Sasuke but Kai promised her to tell them everything.

Natsu left to train with Akarui for almost three and a halft years.

Pre-Shippūden Filler Arcs 

In the filler,Natsu,Akarui,Naruto and Jiraiya meet during their journey.They spend whole week together and catch some hooligans that were bother small village they were located in.

During timeskip

Natsu travels with Akarui and learns more techniques and gains more information about shinobi world.

Part II

Kazekage Rescue Arc

Natsu is mentioned by Naruto to Toma and Kai,he was dissapointed that she hasn't arrived yet.

Sai and Sasuke's Arc

When new team 7 were in Tsunade's office discussing a mission that they had,Tsunade told Naruto and Sakura that she had surprise for them.Turned out that the big surprise was Natsu.Both Naruto and Sakura were very happy to see her and greeted her with warm hug,Naruto noted that Natsu did change alot,which caused Natsu to blush a little and caused Sakura to punch Naruto for not telling her the same.After Sakura's "painfull punch" Natsu also realized that Sakura was the same old Sakura.

As much as Natsumi wanted to join team 7 on the mission,she was too eager to work in blacksmith shop again.

Twelve Guardian Ninja Arc

Main article: Twelve Guardian Ninja Arc

Three-Tails Arc

Main article: Three-Tails Arc

Invasion of Pain Arc

When Pain attacked konoha,Natsu was taking a walk with Tsumugu  and Toma.They were very far from her home so it took her a while to get there,worried about grandparents,Natsu ran with tears in her eyes,as fast as possibly.When she finally got there,she saw her grandparents unharmed and felt huge relief.They were about to leave the house but suddenly used Shinra Tensei.

Both Toma and Tsumugu were worried about Natsu,Toma ran to Natsu's house and was shocked when saw that it was completely crushed.He was throwing ruins away as fast as possibly,he finally found Natsu and tried to get her to open her eyes,when Natsu fianlly did open her eyes she asked "Are my grandparents alright?",Toma didn't want her to worry,so he lied to her telling her that they were safe in Konoha's shelter.Natsu smiled and closed her eyes.

Toma took her in his arm and ran as fast as possible to find a medic but he felt that Natsu's heartbeat was getting slower and slower and it finally stopped.He fell down on his knees and started crying,than he noticed something that made his heart stop for a second,Toma noticed Kai bleeding on the ground,it was easy thing to undesratnd that he was already dead.Toma was on his knees shocked,with dead Natsu in his arms and dead Kai right infront of him.

When Natsu was finally revived,first thing she saw after opening her eyes was Toma crying.He hugged her and Kai tightly and even though it was hard for him to understand events that happened in past few hours but the fact that his teammates were still alive made him very happy.

Five Kage Summit Arc

natsu and the rest of the Konoha 11, minus Team Kakashi, decided that, in light of Sasuke's criminal actions, they should personally eliminate him before he can involve Konoha in a war. After Naruto was informed of their intentions and met with Sasuke, he told them to leave Sasuke to him. Natsu was one of the  several  members voiced their discontentment with this as they feared that Sasuke's actions would incite a war.

Chikara Arc 

Main article: Chikara Arc

Shinobi World War Arc 

Natsu was placed in  First Division with Chōza Akimichi, Hiashi Hyūga,Akarui and  Tenten.

After sensors announced that they felt huge amount of chakra heading towards first division,Natsu decided to go check out whatever was happening there because others were too busy defeating  White Zetsu Army clones and numerous reincarnated shinobi,including  Ginkaku and Kinkaku.

When she finally arrived in the place where that amount of chakra was located in,she quickly recognized woman and man from the pictures her grandparents used to show her,she was very surprised to see her parents on the battlefield...

Because both of them were controlled by Kabuto Yakushi,they kept attacking Natsu and there wasn't much time to talk but Kaiji took situation under control and after some time so did Kanari.They apologized to Natsumi for not being able to spendenaugh time with her,for leaving her so early at the end when Natsu finally defeated them,before being sealed Kanari hugged her and Kaiji told her how proud he is of her and that he forgave his parents long time ago.

Ten-Tails Revival Arc

Natsu together with other ninjas arrived on battlefield,despite situation being very tense and dangerous,she wasn't scared,her curious eyes for as always aiming for a fight.She reunited with her team and was kept trying doing her best.

(Sorry for lack of info about Natsu's participation in this arc,i might whrite more if i'll have time)

Infinite Tsukuyomi Arc

When Madara attempted to drop the massive earthen debris on the ground, she fell victim to the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Inside the genjutsu, Natsu dreamt about konoha 11 with their senseis,her famili(including her parents) gathering together and celebrating Tsumugu's and Anko's marriage.


  • Natsu means "Summer" which is associated  with her date of birth and Mi means "Beautiful"                          
  • Natsu is the only known blacksmith kunoichi in the series
    • Natsu and her teammates share the same blood type and all of them were born either in summer or autumn
  • According to the databook(s):
    • Natsu's hobbies are working at blacksmith shop and training
    • Akarui revealed that she used to be Kanari's best friend
    • Natsumi's favourite foods are Onigiri and friend potatoes,her least favorite food is any kind of soup
  • Natsu has complated 52 official missions 
  • Natsu's favourite words are "Prize" (賞Shō) and "Victory" (勝利Shōri).
  • Her favorite phrase is "Achieving victory"(勝利を達成Shōri o tassei)

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