Sidra's Armadagan

Kanji 写輪眼
Rōmaji Armadagan
Literal English End of the World Eye
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Classification Kekkei GenkaiDōjutsu

 Known Wielders



To have this eye one must have the Sharingan, whether if one is the original owner of the eye does not affect unlocking of the Armadagan. To unlock this eye one must have tremendous amounts of negative emotions, in or around oneself. At least part of the negative emotion used to unlock this eye must be personal, such as death of a close friend or family member, or resentment towards a clan or person. After unlocking this eye it can be used freely.

Sidra Uchiha unlocks this eye by being around multiple missing-nin for several years as well as hatred towards her own clan and the massacre of her family as well as her brother's death before her own birth.


The Armadagan's main ability is to turn negativity into power. This is done by converting any negative emotion, saddness, resent, hatred, anger into chakra for the user, from which the user can change that chakra into either stamina for themselves or power up their own jutsu and abilities. If someone is within 50 meters of an Armadagan user their emotions can be used for this ability. As a secondary ability Armadagan is able to sense negative emotions and detect whenever one is extremely angry, sad or depressed. Another ability of Armadagan is that it keeps the jutsu of the previous Sharingan or Mangekyou Sharingan. Sidra Uchiha demonstrates this by still being able to use Amaterasu from her Armadagan. The more negativity one absorbs the more powerful they become.

Sin Release

Armadagan grants access to this form of chakra nature. Armadagan offers full control over Sin release. Sin release furthermore allows use of Sin release jutsu, which are corrupted versions of normal jutsu. (See list of possible jutsu for a list). Generally an Armadagan user's Sin release jutsus depend on the person they absorbed negativity from.


Armadagan is a dangerous eye to use and requires long periods of practice. If Armadagan is not used properly the user will become overwhelmed by negativity and eventually do actions that will lead to self-destruction. Sidra worked for at least a year before she could safely use Armadagan.

Armadagan causes the user to sometimes act with negative emotions and throw insults or bad names for absolutely no reason. It may also cause, headaches (As Sharingan does if overused). high temper and low tolerance and a tendency to jump to conclusions and use violence. As the user becomes more experienced, these effects start to decrease and eventually stop.


It's unknown if an Armadagan user can have two Armadagan eyes. It's assumed that one must possess seperate negative emotions to evolve each Sharingan eye. (Sidra has only one Armadagan eye, her other eye remained a Sharingan)

Armadagan is capable of copying even kekkei genkai techniques. Such as Rinnegan's Deva path abilities. However it is only to a certain extent.

Armadagan is able to activate and deactivate in order to hide its existance from others.

Armadagan also seems to eliminate the blindness factor from a user's Sharingan since Sidra possesses a right eye that's Mangekyou Sharingan and it hasn't caused blindness to her despite the continued usage. However then again, neither did Obito.

Since Sidra is the only one in the hidden shadow wielding Armadagan, it's assumed no other Uchiha or Sharingan users exist in the hidden shadow village, the other reason is because they merely do not possess enough hatred.

Armadagan has similiar abilities as the Zero-Tails, however it is unknown if the Zero-Tails has any connection to the Armadagan. It's possible the previous host of the Zero-Tails had Armadagan.

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