Arata Uchimoto

Arata Uchimoto

(団本新, Uchimoto Arata)
Third Urufukage (三ウルフ影, Sandaime Urufukage)



Scorpio November 1st


Male Male






184.3 cm


73.5 kg

Blood type


Kekkei Genkai

18px-Nature Icon Magnet.svg Magnet Release


Sensor Type


Head of the Uchimoto clan


Ōkamimura symbol village Ōkamigakure


Uchimoto clan symbolUchimoto clan


Ninja Rank



Nori Uchimoto (Grandfather)
Annaisha Uchimoto (Grandmother)
Susumu Uchimoto (Father)
Kaminari Asakura (Mother)
Homi Uchimoto (Sister)
Raiden Uchimoto (Brother)
Shigeko Uchimoto (Sister)
Shōken Uchimoto (Wife)
Hisao Uchimoto (Son)
Tadashi Uchimoto (Grandson)
Airin Uchimoto (Great-granddaughter)
Yuri Uchimoto (Great-grandson)
Kizuna Uchimoto (Granddaughter)
Yusaku Uchimoto (Son)
Nabuko Uchimoto (Daughter)


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Arata Uchimoto (団本新, Uchimoto Arata) was the Third Urufukage (三ウルフ影, Sandaime Urufukage) who hailed from the Uchimoto clan of Ōkamigakure. During his reign he ordered the rebuilding of the village from its ashes with the help of his younger sister Homi Uchimoto, who funded the reconstruction. Even after his death, he is seen as the greatest Urufukage the Village Hidden Among Wolves had. 


Arata was born in the Uchimoto clan as the first son of Susumu Uchimoto and his wife Kaminari Asakura.


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  • He is known as the first kage whose consort was not born into the Uchimoto household.
  • Besides his three children, Arata had 13-14 offsprings born out of wedlock.


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