The Aoyoki Clan

Aorki clan backround aka hatake new logo


The Aoyoki Clan originated from the Otsutsuki, which would later help the Clan achieve the Yin Release.

Later, most of the villages invited Aoyoki to join, but it was declined each and every time. The Akatsuki tried to invite them but as they said no, they were wiped out apart from 1 family.

The Aoyoki took refuge in Konohagakure where they trained to help the Leaf. However, the citizens disagreed and made fun of the lasting members for their unnatural crimson-red eyes. The Aoyoki stayed because they had no other choice. The Leaf eventually started hating the Aoyoki so much, they would vote for them to leave the village. After alot of that, the hokage had no choice but to send them to another village, so they sent them to the Hidden Cloud. They eventually started training there and then the first person awakened the Kanashimigan. They would then be really valuable ninja, they would find out things no-one else did and by that, impact all the other villages in a good way. By then, they were let back in the Leaf, but still hated. 

When the 4th Ninja War ended, only 3 remained. Then, the Leaf decided to actually help them and they slowly grew back up to a normal clan's population.



The males have spiky hair while females would generally have knee-length hair. They're mainly recognised by their crimson-red eyes. Their hair colour ranges from a silvery colour to a dark grey.


The Aoyoki wear a special made Turtleneck shirt generally in grey, with the clan logo on the back. They also wear tracksuit bottoms generally in dark-blue. They would wear a cloak that goes to just above the ankle when on missions to hide being in the clan. To further help, they would wear contacts, covering the crimson-red in their eyes.


The Clan is known for their incredible perception and natural talent. Their clan range from Lightning - Wind but every member can use Yin Release through training. Their physical capabilities also rise in situations where they need help or feel deep negative feelings for one.

Kekkei Genkai

The Aoyoki Clan has a Dojutsu called the Kanashimigan. [Eye of Grief] It only ever appears in your left or right eye.

The Kanashimigan has 4 stages.

The 1st stage is labelled "The Stage of Pain" [Itami no Dankai]

The next stage is "The Stage of Destruction" [Hakai no Dankai]

The next stage is an upgrade to the stage before, "The Stage of True Destruction" [Shin no Hakai no Dankai]

The last stage is called "The Stage of Despair" [Zetsubo no Dankai]

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