Satsuki looking up 8d by paperdoll422 (2)
Anne is Kakuzu"s and Fuu"s daughter.She is Jinjuriki twelve tails Phoenix.She can copy any kekke genkai.Nobody told her that her father (Kakuzu) was member of The Akatsuki.When she was 12 she starting look for other children from The Akatsuki members.Her aunt Hitomei find her when she was 3.And now she is leader of New Akatsuki.Her boyfriend is Pawa Uchiha.Sometimes she risks her life to protection her friends.She can make wings of fire.In Hidden Waterfall Village people called her a "Fire Angel".She is only member of New Akatsuki who never meet they parents.If somebody tell her somting bad about her friends she says"If you want to die just say".
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