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Umbrakinetic Wing Manifestation

The Ankoku Clan is a noble clan of Konohagakure.


While not much is known of the clan's background, they are considered to be one of, if not currently, the most powerful clan in Konohagakure. Their notoriety and prowess stretches far and wide, leading others to both praise and covet their abilities. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, a Kumo-nin noted that they had a hard time against them during a previous war.


Umbrakinetic Wing Manifestation

A technique predominantly used to form wings out of darkness and use them from transportation to offensive and defensive purposes such as using them as a shield to block oncoming attacks or slicing the user's target with a dark energy sting.


The Ankoku Clan is widley know for their mastery of swordmanship. They are mostly renowned as a master of Iai — a style of swordsmanship which involves the user rapidly unsheathing his blade to slash the enemies, and then re-sheathing it after completing the attack. Their mastery of Iai is such that Hanzō and others have stated how it was useless to try and perform hand seal-induced techniques against him, due to the fact that they are capable of attacking within the short time it takes to make the necessary hand seals.The speed and precision of their strikes are able to inflict a lethal blow on his opponent without staining the blade with blood, and even slice open the head of a large summon creature such as Ibuse. Their precision was even able to cut off a lit candle's wick and keep it lit on the edge of one of their swords,stop their attacks a moments notice, and produce shock-waves from theirstrikes to intercept enemy attacks.


  • Ankoku means dark.
  • Araki is the youngest member of the Ankoku Clan.
  • Yurika is the strongest member of the Ankoku Clan.
  • Every member of the Ankoku Clan has some apperences of their summoning.
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