Aniko Ryoumi

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ア ニコ リョウミ


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18px-Gender Female svg Female 


Part I: 14

Part II: 17


166 cm


53 kg

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Kirigakure | mising ninja


Ryoumi Clan




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Mira Ryoumi (distant relatives)

Inari Ryoumi (distant relatives)

Bakura Ryoumi (distant relatives)

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18px-Nature_Icon_Fire_svg.png Fire Release
18px-Nature_Icn_Water_svg.png Water Release

Aniko (means: shine of the rising morning sun) Ryoumi  is a missing ninja originally from Kirigakure and born in Sunagakure.


Aniko lived in Sunagakure until she was 6 years old. She is a Childhood friend of Mira Ryoumi. After Mira and her mother got dismissed on a journey, Anikos parents thought it would be better to leave Sunagakure. The reason was, they feared the main Family oft the Ryoumi Clan. The main Family thought Anikos and also Miras parents as betrayers, so they wanted to kill every betrayer. Aniko and her Family moved to Kirigakure, where they though, they would never been found.

In Kirigakure she became friends with Utakata, and with 14 they became a couple. Utakata lived also outside from the village, because the people hated him and feared the Rokubi. After Utakata became a rogue Ninja they still met secretly as often they could. Only one of Anikos best Friends knew about that. Aniko became rogue after she killed a Daimyō. After that she joined Utakata until he was captured by Akatsuki. 

As child Aniko went to a normal school and as she finished it, she helped her parents out at their bakery. She never was really a Shinobi, but she always want to become one. So she started to train secretly with her friends (which were Shinobis).


In reality Aniko is very kind and would do anything for her friends and people she love. She never would forget an old friend. As she became criminal she had to change. She had to ignore her bad feelings, especially after she killed someone. By the time she learned that she can't trust everyone and that she better keep everything for herself, also her problems. Later, as she got in a new relationship, she had problems to tell him what she feels and what is bothering her. She loves to play card games and she loves to make bets. 


Ankio has dark brown hair and Icy blue eyes. She came more after her father and looks like a typical Ryoumi-Clan member. She has Tattoos on her neck and shoulders.


Aniko fights with a Naginata and Ninjutsu. She doesn’t have the Kekkei Genkai of the Ryoumi Clan, her abilities are more similar to her mothers. Aniko always was interested in poisons, so she also fokus on that

Some time after the 4th War her fighing style changed as she joined a speacial group of rogue ninjas. Since then she is using an arrow and a bow to beat her enemys from a greater distance.


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