The An'nai (案内 meaning privity) clan

Are known for their close work with feudal lords and the hidden villages. Due to their kekkei genkai Mishōgan they are known as the privity clan in the shadows. Having extended family members in the land of water they tend to be quite diplomatic when asked about their opinions. Having large family ties to the Uzumaki Clan that can date back to when Uzushiogskure was thriving, they tend to keep oddly quiet and solemn on the topics around Konohagakure, jinjurikis and tailed beasts. Having the freedom to wander the lands as needed to settle disputes diplomatically between the feudal lords has become the family business at the expense of the proper education of the newest generation. The clan has made a homes in Konohagakure and Kirigakure, Konohagakure being the main clan home.

Favoring the Nara, Uzumaki, Hatake, Hyūga, Saratobi, and Kazekage clans, they have made promises that their clan secrets will die with that clan, but as need and able will try to intervene to prevent this for each and every one of these clans. The Nara clan has allowed the An'nai clan to pass through their forest to get to the clan mountain and cave system just past the forest, however, should the village be under attack or otherwise disposed they have to wait for a nara clan member to show them through. They love to play shogi and learn new things.

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An'nai (案内)


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