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Amigumo (アミグモ, Amigumo) is a spider from Web Haven, the araneomorphae region of Kyōyōami Forest. He is also the keeper of the summoning contract scroll.


Amigumo has not been shown speaking. He has grown quite fond of Kazō, even becoming the only spider to affiliate himself with Kusagakure. Since he doesn’t speak, his personality is mostly unknown. He has however been shown to be self-conscious when around humans due to his unusual appearance; usually becoming visually dejected when they mention it. He will usually look to Kazō for reassurance, though the ninja will just agree that he does look weird.



Amigumo in Part II

Amigumo is large enough to carry Kazō on his back. He is a tan colored spider with a thin, stick-like body and extremely long legs. He has two eyes that are much larger than the other six. This combination gives him a very strange appearance, even for a spider.

After showing an interest in Kazō’s headband, Kazō gave him the one he wore as a genin. He wears it around his body, just above his abdomen.


Unlike the other spiders of the forest, Amigumo uses his webbing as a trap in motion. By spinning silk between his legs, he can lie in wait for the prey to get within range. When ready, he will lash out at the enemy, stretching his legs out to spread the net-like webbing. This method of bringing the web to the prey makes Amigumo useful for ambushes and other stealthy strikes. Using his chakra allows the net to spread wider than normal and ensure he catches his quarry.

Thanks to his two larger eyes, Amigumo has very good eyesight. He can see just as well in the dark as he can during the day. This helps him with night ambushes, leaving the enemy with even less chance of escape.

Like the other spiders, Amigumo is very agile. This trait is enhanced with his long legs and small body. Also, having a net to hold onto helps prevent direct attacks, as they would just get ensnared in the web.


  • Amigumo is a net-casting spider.
  • Amigumo's expansion web and web drop techniques resemble the capturing method of the net-casting spider.
  • Araneomorphae are spiders whose fangs slope toward each other. They include all spiders except tarantulas and funnel-web spiders.


Amigumo is an OC Summon created by KusaNin.
Pictures used spiders found on Google images as a base.

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