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Aldeline Al · Ald (ス ロ ス), Aldeline Bibeirosu, "Deline" (線引き), Senhiki chan,  (デ) De, Kitty (キティ), Kiti,  "Darling" (はちみつ), Hachimitsu chan,  "Earthworm" (ミミズ), Mimizu, "Love" (ラブ), Rabu.


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Aya Hirano  (Kid)

Miyuki Sawashiro



Astrological Sign Leo August 18


18px-Gender Female svg  Female


Parte I: 12-13
Parte II: 14-15


Parte I: 143 cm
Parte II: 153 cm


Parte I: 33 kg
Parte II: 43 kg

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Akatsuki Symbol Akatsuki

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Parte I:  Genin

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Deidara (Boyfriend)

Asumi Horuto† (Brother considered)  

ZalemMaru (Brother considered)

Aldeline Bibeirosu (ア ベ イ ロ ア) Bibeirosu Aldeline is a kunoichi who was recruited by Konohagakure at the age of 6 for her ability she worked hard to become strong and trained a lot in kunai since she was from Iwagakure, Aldeline also has its team with a good partner and the fake partner, She has nicknames that can be called, "Deline" (線引き, Senhiki chan),  (デ, De), Kitty (キティ, Kiti), Aldeline and Deidara have known each other since they were kids, they fell in love and are boyfriends, Deidara took care of Aldeline as a baby, Deidara nicknamed her "Earthworm" (ミミズ, Mimizu).


When Deidara first saw her, he fell in love with her, she also fell in love with him, she likes him so much that she has no courage to hit him and started dating with him. Some time the Anbu saw the skills and recruited her to Konohagakure, but  Deidara said that one day they would meet, at the age of five,Orochimaru injected her 15 days later, so she gained power, when she is angry, will have large sharp claws and gray eyes, these gray eyes can mesmerize, Kabuto told her that she can't use liberations, natures, just Water Release, can't use Jutsu, because of power, if she used those freedoms Jutsu, natures, she could run out of Chakra, When Aldeline was 12, Akatsuki convinced her to join them, so when she turned 13 She would leave konoha to go Amegakure. and that's how she found Deidara, and again they stayed together, After she joined Akatsuki, she trained spears.


Aldeline has a strong personality

She is always a calm girl, sometimes gets mad at her fake teammate named Gori, and always got mad at Gori and hit him harder.  And she attacked Gori with claws, got scarred and stayed in the hospital to remove the poison.

But Iruka knows that Gori was to blame and decided to put him in the palmatoria after the hospital, and also she always a calm girl with Deidara, and never had the courage to strike  But she was always a good-hearted girl and frisky and happy, sometimes it would be in mission situations in konoha.                          


  • Aldeline's visual in part I
  • Aldeline's visual in Akatsuki
  • Aldeline's visual at 5 years

She is a light-skinned girl, has small dark brown eyes, dark brown hair with a glow.

Part I: And she wears a short blue shirt with a transparent shirt underneath, even her belly button, She wears bluish shorts, a (forehead protector) on the neck, and standard blue shinobi sandals.

In part II: She wears a shirt and pants of the same color and sandals from Akatsuki, and continues with the (renegade forehead protector) on her neck, and an Akatsuki cape. 

at 5 years old: she wears a lilac shirt and a light pink knee-length skirt with dark red short pants, and wear little black shoes.


she was a skilled girl, at 5 she wanted to train to be a strong ninja, when she was recruited for konoha, she greatly improved her skill, so akatsuki recruited her. She has two better abilities because of the power, the scream, and the punch with it, she can use the chakra, but with the scream wears out the chakra, minutes later the chakra comes back again, She trained a lot in 5 months to Water Release

Water Release 

She trained a lot in Water Release, she was strong for a while in Water Release, She managed to do Tsunami style release, The Water Release gets stronger when she uses the Chakra.

Strong anger

Aldeline has a team, and she is a team leader, and has your best friend and your worst friend, Cheumi was your best friend, But Gori provoked Aldeline and spoke ill of her, until she very angry scratched Gori, Iruka held Aldeline and tried to calm her down, Iruka called her by name and she went back to normal, She didn't see how Gori was doing, but she was just looking at Iruka.

Subject about Aldeline's power

Iruka suspected this power she has and decided to talk to her, She confessed about it, and told the story how it all happened, So Iruka understood what she goes through, He knew how to stop her when she lost control Just calling her by name that she returns to normal, Then the matter was resolved, and the gray eye mystery represented anger and the claws have strong poison, if it scratches the chest, the person can die more quickly, According to the Kabuto said to Aldeline, And that power increases her Chakra more, so her agility is faster and her eyes shine in the dark. 


In Konohagakure, she has a team, Iruka’s team and he put Aldeline as the team leader, Cheumi thought it was really cool, But Gori was envy and told Iruka that he wanted to be the team leader, Iruka told Gori that Aldeline has good intelligence to be in charge, Gori got angry.

Part I 

After she was recruited for konoha at the age of 6, Aldeline looked at the village, found it beautiful, then felt good, while the anbus took her to the Tsunade to meet, Aldeline introduced herself to TsunadeTsunade told the Anbus to show him the house where he would live, the academy where he would study and his new sensei, She met a new sensei named Iruka, and the New Team, and that's how she met cheumi and the fake Gori.

The first failure in the mission of parchment

Aldeline and her team went to get a parchment that was stolen in Konohagakure, it was a ninja from the mist stole the parchment, when they went on the mission,they went to Kirigakure, Aldeline asked why he stole the parchment before she attacked him, ninja from the mist lied saying it was his parchment, and it was the Konohagakure who took parchment from his family, Aldeline suspicious knowing that he is lying quickly asked for the parchment, when she went to get it the ninja took her hand and turned to the ground, and hit her on the back, and Cheumi, desperate with that, attacked him and Gori did nothing, Aldeline still trying to lift, she went and jumped on the ninja to get the parchment, she managed to get the parchment, but the ninja hit her on the chin and she fell passed out, and the ninja ran away, Cheumi took Aldeline to the KonohagakureIruka quickly took her to the hospital, and when she woke up, Iruka said that the mission didn't actually fail, because she got the parchment and she finally calmed down, but stayed in the hospital many days, Cheumi told Iruka that Gori did nothing, Iruka put Gori in the corrective.


Aldeline's Taijutsu is very good,she trained this a lot to stay strong in taijutsu, and that was how she managed to punch Gori very hard, And she also punches him with Chackra, after she left the hospital, Gori was disturbing her, so she did the same blow that the ninja did to her on Gori, and hit his back.

Asumi Horuto


Aldeline and Asumi being best friends

a while, When he arrived at the Academy, he thought it was really cool and  Iruka welcomed Asumi who came to stay in the KonohagakureIruka introduced Aldeline to became friends with Asumi, she saw that he is cool and they became best friends, He told her he remembered his little sister and he considered Aldeline as a sister, Aldeline was so happy, and very happy, and he hugged her with joy, for a while Asumi was beaten, stabbed and tongue cut, she quickly went to the hospital to see him, and her went into shock when her saw him.

Asumi before dying

Every day she went there and asked the doctor if he was okay, and the doctor said that each day he got worse, she was very nervous, until one day she went there to see him again and the doctor told her that Asumi unfortunately died, she went into shock and was very sad and until she saw that the mist ninjas were trapped, and Asumi's spirit that was inside Aldeline's conscience said that he could rest in peace and thanked for everything, for a while it has passed and Aldeline forgot about him, and is living the normal life. 


At the academy, snacks were disappearing from there, Iruka sensei's  forehead protector had stolen, Iruka gave Aldeline the mission to investigate who this thief is, She was investigating who it was, a boy ran and accidentally bumped into her, He apologized to her,  Aldeline forgave him, Until she suspected him a little bit, boy introduced himself to her, after she heard his name was ZalemMaru, she asked if he saw someone stealing, so Zalem told her that he didn't see any of that, Aldeline looked at Zalem and saw him as Asumi and went to talk to  Zalem in the forest, talk about the situation of theft in the academy, that even Aldeline's dish was stolen also

Aldeline talking to Zalem

 while she talked to him, she said she was going to investigate who the thief is, so she said goodbye to him and went to investigate,when she

Aldeline after learning that her bra was stolen

left the forest and went to look for the thief, she felt that her bra was gone, Aldeline was very angry and immediately she went looking for that thief, until she suspected Zalem the other day and said she would look at him if he had anything, then Zalem said that if he had nothing, he would win a kiss from her, she did not like the negotiation, but went to investigate him, and she saw that he had nothing, so Zalem waited for a kiss from her, Aldeline went to kiss on the forehead and he turned quickly and almost gave her a peck, she was very sad, angry and left, and Zalem realized that he made her sad, the other day when he came with a bouquet of flowers apologizing, she accepted him and forgave him, Zalem told Aldeline that he wanted to be her friend as a brother to her, Aldeline remembered Asumi and they became friends.

Starting to become friends

When she befriended him, Zalem told her that he never had friends and was very happy to have a first friend, after Zalem befriended Aldeline he paid for his sins and promised never to be a thief again, he saw her kindness, and she saw that Zalem was very funny, he said he was fast since he was a child and said: "at the time of my birth, I was already running and it was a bigger job for them to catch me".

Disapperance of Zalem

In konoha Zalem had disappeared and Aldeline was preoccupied with fear of Zalem having died, she went looking for Zalem in the whole village, outside the village, in forests, and she managed to find him in Kirigakure sitting on the bench, he saw her and barely gave him time to say that she already held his hand and took him back to the Konohagakure, and even threw it to the village door and still at the feet of Tsunade, she almost expelled Zalem from the village, but Tsunade let Zalem speak to Aldeline again, as Tsunade was investigating at his parents house, someone stole money from Ino's store, Tsunade allowed to talk to him.

Thief discovered (plot)

They found out who the thief was, the thief was the Kirigakure ninja and was arrested, and Ino's money was returned, and Zalem is innocent because he stopped stealing.

Event with Zalem

Zalem was talking to Aldeline, and suddenly a ninja from Kirigakure village struck two kunai blows on the rib and on the coast of Zalem, Aldeline desperately remembering Asumi, hit a kunai at the ninja's fountain that the ninja fell dead, Aldeline took Zalem quickly to Kabuto and asked him to do everything to cure ZalemMaru.

Kabuto's news

Kabuto had news for Aldeline, and said that Zalem is fine, she was so happy that she hugged Kabuto tightly and said she owed him her life, Zalem had to stay there for a few days, and Aldeline could visit him happily, For a while he left and he thanked him very much for saving him and said he was an idiot, and told her the whole truth that he was a thief and he who stole her bra, she noticed that he blotted out for sins and she said she forgives him.

Motivation to consider her as a sister

Zalem told Aldeline that he never had a sister, and he considered Aldeline to be his sister, Zalem said he was 13 and Aldeline said he was 8, Zalem was surprised and considered her a little sister, and she told him that after all this, she kissed his forehead as a sister and with great affection after she remembered the negotiation, Zalem told Aldeline about Zalem's mother apologized to him for always blaming him and he forgave, and everything was normal, and he only went to Kirigakure to negotiate what he had stolen.

Part II

When she was 12 years old, Pain came to pick her up for her to go to Amegakure, she got ready, paid the secretary, paid the rent for the house, Using a letter with money, And she went to Akatsuki, She cut the bandana in half and won the Akatsuki cover, A few days, Iruka said that Aldeline was missing training a lot, he and the team never saw Aldeline again, They sought Aldeline across Konohagakure, her home and Kirigakure, and the forest where she liked to stay, That is, she is being sought.


often she goes to Kabuto to have an injection, or asks for information about something, she is also his friend and OrochimaruOrochimaru also does experiments at Aldeline, that's how she got that power at the age of 5, Since she was in Konohagakure, she goes to Kabuto, so when she went to Akatsuki, she still goes to Kabuto.

Aldeline's autism

Aldeline has an autism disorder, kabuto examined her and said she’s first-degree autistic,that's why she has a lot of hormones, so she has sensitive ears, and she has high intelligence and she is different from other children, That's why when the deidara makes explosions, She uses a device not to hurt her ears.


Aldeline's intelligence is good, she gets good grades in the academy test, and on missions she is attentive, and when the enemy comes she makes clones and when it is very impossible to defeat that enemy, she uses the Chakra to strike him because with chakra she gets stronger, but she spends quickly depending on how much, when she gets very angry, loses control and awakens the power to attack the enemy with her claws, the claws have the poison that can kill him little by little, if it scratches the chest, the enemy can die faster.


After she joined Akatsuki, she felt good, but she was hiding in Amegakure, because the Konohagakure was looking for her, She is waiting for the Konohagakure forget her.


She has moments with him, She walks with him in the forest, and they walk on the bird and still kiss, He said that when she grows up, they will get married, Aldeline loves Deidara very much, and when Deidara goes on missions and then arrives from the mission, she is very concerned about him, when he is injured or sick, she takes care of him a lot. 


When she activates that power, the Chakra gets stronger and agility very quickly, When she passes Chakra with Water Release or uses, in 40 minutes her Chakra returns to normal.


at the time she was in Konohagakure, she was always training kunai and Shurikens, but she was more habitual in kunai than Shuriken, Later, in Akatsuki, Pain put her to train spears, she trained spears a lot, so she got good at spears.

Aldeline considered godmother

One day a pregnant woman and her husband came, Aldeline and she became friends,  the baby was starting to be born, desperate husband and Aldeline took her to the hospital in Amegakure, they were born, it was two girls, Husband happily thanked Aldeline for helping her, and she said that she wanted Aldeline to be the considered godmother of the two daughters, Aldeline was so happy, and Aldeline was the one who put the names of the two, the name was Megumi and Katsumi, 


Aldeline with her godchildren

months later, the husband had a job promise and the wife went to say goodbye to Aldeline, and the girls were walking, and they called the first word, "Godmother", The woman gave Aldeline as a gift to remember the megumi and katsumi, two gift Diapers they used the first time, and Aldeline kept it with care.

A few days, zetsu told Aldeline, the mist ninjas exploded in the village where the husband was promised a job and his wife, Katsumi and Megume, discovered they were dead, When Aldeline found out that her godchildren were dead, she went into shock, After this news Aldeline was very sad.


Aldeline Scared after news of zetsu


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
First 2.0 0,5 3.0 4.5 4.5 3.0 5.0 1.0 14,5
Second 4.0 5.0 3.5 5.0  5.0 5.0 5.0 3.0 35,5

Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie

On the contrary, although she is fun and strong, in this world she is shy, and wears different clothes but she remains Deidara's girlfriend


Aldeline: Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie


  • Aldeline means "noble or nobility" and Bibeirosu means "nurseries"
  • Aldeline Bibeirosu is Autistic, just like its creator, that's why she has so much hormone
  • The creator of this oc is a brazilian girl
  • Aldeline's birthday is the same day as her "creator"
  • According to the database:

  • Aldeline's hobby is drawing

  • Aldeline likes "ramen, soup and pancake" and her favorite is coffee

  • Aldeline doesn't want to fight anyone.

  • Aldeline completed 61 official missions in total: 12 rank D, 19 rank C, 16 rank B, 14 rank A, 0 rank S.

  • Aldeline's favorite word is "I protect who I love and who I like!" 「好 き な 人 好 き な 人 を 守 る


Aldeline Bibeirosu is an oc made by its creator (Aldeline de Viveiros), follow me on deviantart: follow me on youtube: canal / UC_vR5c1N_vZOE8x5ZGemB2Q.

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