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Purin Akudachi is the youngest daughter of Gaara and Kira. She is a close friend of the Uzumaki family, especially Himawari. Purin hasn't been promoted into the academy yet, but she will very soon.


Purin is the daughter after Maru, being the youngest. Interestingly, she's the only child out of the three who has an extroverted personality.

One day, Purin had a breakdown at her father because of his rude but honest comment about her drawings. The ten-year-old found out that she had the ability to possess Paper Ninjutsu, an infamous but powerful kekkei genkai. Purin also discovered her specialty in Sand Release which her father specialized in; with that being said, Purin had the experienced ability to wield these two ninjutsu, unlike her sisters who only used Wind and Water Release.

After that, Purin is assumed to be the strongest out of the three siblings, despite her youngest birth. Purin continued to be the bubbly, sweet, and cheerful ninja she was destined to be.


Purin is the extroverted type with a happy-go-lucky demeanor. She can be goofy as well. According to the eldest sister, Hikari, Purin is the dumbest child. She's known to be brainless but sometimes she builds up good ideas which represents Gaara's intelligence. Out of everything, Purin is actually a very outgoing, energetic, sweet, bubbly, and happy-go-lucky child. The adorable "cinnamon roll" would do anything she can to protect her loved ones!


Purin is a tremendously cute girl; she has gray hair with a bit of a light texture. Her hair is tied into two spiky but big ponytails in the bottom. These ponytails are tied into four pink hair beads (two on the left, two on the right). Purin has a small rectangle-shaped hair pin on the top of her bangs, which describes her love for hair accessories. She has short, fat eyebrows which she inherited from her mother.

Purin's clothes are Sunagakure traditional. She has a cream scarf and a purple sweater that goes extremely with her cute light black skirt. Purin wears purple "fashionable" sandals that look more like high heels. Despite the fact that these clothes she wears are meant to be Sunagakure traditional, it's more of the clothes we wear in real life!

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