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Akina Shukiro



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18px-Astrological Sign Cancer.svg July 14th


18px-Gender Female svgFemale


Part ll: 28




Part ll: 5'5"ft


Partll: 108lb

Blood type


Kekkei Genkai

18px-Nature Icon Ice.svg Ice Release


18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure


Shukiro Clan


Fumiko (Mother)

Masaaki Shukiro (Husband)

Tadao (Father)

Taiyō Shukiro (Brother in Law)

Tanakuya Shukiro (Father in Law)

Tsuki Shukiro (Brother in Law)

Nature Type

18px-Nature Icon Ice.svg Ice Release

18px-Nature_Icn_Water_svg.png Water Release

18px-Nature Icon Wind.svg Wind Release

18px-Nature Icon Yin.svg Yin Release




Torii Seal

Water Release: Great Waterfall

Water Release: Water Clone

Water Release: Water Wall


Paper Bomb

Smoke Bomb

Akina Shukiro was a waitress from Amegakure until she met Masaaki Shukiro during her shift and immediately fell in love with him. Masaaki later convinced her to join the Shukiro Clan and gave her Ice Release after she joined the clan. After they were married they had a kid, Ryuun Shukiro. After Tanakuya Shukiro's death, Taiyō Shukiro took over as leader with his fascist way of encouraging everyone in the Shukiro Clan to steal tailed beasts. Because of this, Akina and Masaaki defected from their clan with Ryuun and were accepted into Konohagakure in exchange for giving Naruto Uzumaki critical intel on the clan; leading to the Shukiro Massacre. She later died, along with Masaaki, during an incident while transferring Kuruma to Ryuun under Naruto's final order.


Akina was born in Amegakure as a regular citizen and worked as a waitress for some time. When she met Masaaki Shukiro during work, she noticed that he was different but couldn't exactly see why. She followed him after her shift and discovered that he was from the Shukiro Clan, which she had heard about in the ANC - the Amegakure News Channel. However, she didn't notice anything wrong with him and actual found him as kinder than others. After some time of dating, Masaaki asked her to join the Shukiro Clan with him so they could get married, which she agreed to.

To join the clan, Akina gained Ice Release from the clan in order to join the clan and got married with Masaaki soon after. She then conceived Ryuun Shukiro a year later; the day that Tanakuya died. After this Taiyo began giving out speaches in a fascist-like matter; brainwashing the Shukiro Clan by infecting their emotions with words. 

Because of this, Akina and Masaashi took Ryuun and escaped from the village with the info to trade with the Hokage of Konohagakure; Naruto Uzumaki. After exchanging their info with Naruto with the ability to live in the village, Akina and Masaashi reccomended to Naruto that an ambush should be organized to take out the clan before they started their "horrendous" plans. Naruto did this, but wanted to talk to the leader of the clan before he sent the ambush. After speaking to Taiyo, Naruto was attacked and the ambush attacked. This day was named the Shukiro Massacre; a day where "The world was saved".

On Naruto's death bed, from age, he told Akina and Masaashi to transfer Kurama into Ryuun since he saw himself in Ryuun. After Naruto died his body was taken to a safe location where Akina and Masaashi could seal Kurama into Ryuun. However, in the middle of the ritual, they were attacked by a masked man; calling himself god. While Akina held off the man Masaashi was able to send Ryuun to the village with a time-space technique with a letter of what was happening. Akina and Masaashi later died fighting the man.



Nature Transformation


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