Akane Uzumaki


( あかね うずまき)


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June 3rd



21 years old


5'6 ft



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18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure




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Academy Grad. Age



Aiko Nara(mom)
Shou Uzumaki(father)
Junko Nara((grandmother -mom's side-)
Yuuta Yamanaka (grandfather -mom's side-)

Akane Uzumaki あかね うずまき


Akane was born in Uzushiogakure (The Land of the Whirlpools) and lived there with her goryoushin (parents) until she was about 5 years old when things began to change. When Akane's parents found out that the village declared war, they sent her to live with her obaa-san(grandmother) and ojii-san(grandfather) in Konoha. Akane didn't want to leave and she begged her parents to let her stay with them but they said that this is no environment for a innocent child. Akane's parents stayed behind to fight for their village, they told her as soon as the war is over and everything gets better she will come home. That night her parents packed her bags and had her escorted to Konoha by a family friend. Her and her cousins lived in a part of the Uchiha Compound. Akane worked side by side with her grandmother in a apothecary shop and learned all she could about herbs and healing. When she finished working with her grandmother she would go run into the field to where her grandfather was working and learn about plants and survival skills. Her grandparents told her to never go into the left wing of the compound. One day when her grandparents were out running errands she snuck to the left wing to explore. She ended up meeting a little boy named Itachi. Akane and Itachi became extremely close and inseparable.


Akane is very curious, observant, daring, sneaky, energetic, fun-loving, brave, and deceiving. When it comes towards meeting new people Akane is very cold towards them, she kind of ignores them and makes it seems like she doesn't like them. Akane then observes them from a distant and sees how they are, If she thinks you're a cool person she will immediately open up to you. Akane thinks outside the box, this comes in handy when it comes towards Genjustus.


Akane has long beautiful dark red hair that reaches up to her hips. Her usual hairstyle is a side braid that is wrapped in a long green ribbon. She has big olive green with a hint of honey brown eyes (hazel). Akane has deep dimples and light freckles on her cheek( not that noticeable).She is 5'6, and extremely petite. She usually wears : with


Part I: Use for characters who appear in Naruto only. (Think of the First Databok to be how they started out fresh out of the acedemy, and the Second to be after much progress)

Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
First 3 3 2 3 2 3 4 2 26
Second 4 4 3 5 3 4 5 3 31

Part I

Akane was Itachi's best friend and teammate. When Itachi saved her on a mission, and been protective of her she began to look at him differently (in a good way)

Part II

Akane still is best friends with Itachi and she develops a huge crush on him. When Akane realizes she has feeling weird around him, she started to avoid him for a week or two. Itachi confronts her and asks her why she has been acting like this and she tells him that she gets these weird feelings around him and she tells him that her cheeks get really hot and she gets all nervous and tongue tied when she is around him. Akane tells him that she never felt this way about someone before and she doesn't understand what it means, she quickly apologizes and tells him she is being stupid and she begins to walk off. Itachi stood behind her shocked with no response. She walks away with tears in her eyes and later she cried all night. Akane skipped training the next few days. Akane's grandparents both get extremely sick and they passed away. She then leaves to the land of the whirlpool to find her parents. She finds out everything was destroyed and her parents were dead. She returns to Konoha as a entirely different person; she stops eating, she stays at home all day, doesn't socialize, she even began to cut herself. moved out of the Uchiha compound One day she was walking in the forest when she sees Itachi. She quickly begins to run the other way as he chases after her. She trips on a rock and falls to the ground, he then catches up to her. Itachi drops down to his knees to where she is and picks up her chin, and brushes her hair out of her face he hugs her a whispers in her ear 私はあなたにあかねを逃した (I missed you Akane) She then bursts into tears and tells him everything. He carries her home (bridal style), and they hook up that night and sleep together. That night Itachi leaves her a note telling her that he Is sorry for all the pain that he caused her and the he loves her and he is sorry for what he is going to have to do etc. Itachi massacres the Uchiha Clan. Akane never sees Itachi again after he joins the Akatsuki.

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