Akana Uchiha(うちは アカナ - Uchiha Akana) was a Kunoichi from Uchiha clan. She lived at time before the Village creation.

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Akana all does goes head on. She has problems with others Uchiha as they dislike her because of her Mother. She has good relationship with Izuna Uchiha but not with Madara , thinking that he is drama queen and let himself more than others.


Akana and her parents

Akana and her parents

Akana Uchiha was born in north part of now Land of Fire territory during Warring States Period. She was first child of Arima Uchiha who was fellow friend of Tajima Uchiha. After her family was killed by four unknown Shinobi leaving her alive only relative who took care was her grandmother. In time she learn how to use unique power gaved my her father the Swift release and Sharingan. After finishing her work guarding the North from enemies she got back to main Uchiha Village finding out that her friend Izuna is seriously wounded and how Uchiha got weakened in few past years.
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