Akachōchin Shabu-Shabu (赤提灯しゃぶしゃぶ, Akadjōchin Shabushabu) is a small nabemono hotpot restaurant located in Kirigakure. It is run by an unnamed old man with Suigin Namari as its head chef. While not very popular compared to other restaurants, it gets enough business from loyal customers such as Sanyu Kazan and Ikumi Tatsumaki to keep it afloat. Once on the verge of closing, business improved enough once Suigin was hired as a chef.

Food at this this restaurant is served hotpot style, where the food such as thinly sliced meats and vegetables are prepared in boiling water by the customer, while sauces and a plate of rice are provided. After the meat and vegetables are finished, the remains of the pot are mixed with the remaining rice.

The restaurant is frequently visited by Sanyu either after missions or a particularly stressful day, while Ikumi began to visit after she had a falling out with her clan.


  • This location is free to use.
  • The name "Akachōchin" means "red lantern", which are often hung outside Izakaya style restaurants.
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