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18px-Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure


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Tamashi Senju (father)
Kohaku Uchiha (mother)
Daisuke Uchiha (older brother)

**This page is cuurently under contruction and is unfinished** Aiko Uchiha (,Uchiha Aiko) was a kunoichi of Konohagakure. She was presumed to have been killed shortly before the Sasuke Retreival Arc, due to being stabbed with chidori, but she survived the ordeal. She ended up inheriting the ambitons of Obito Uchiha , as Obito inherited them from Madara Uchiha. Aiko later became a criminal and joined the Akatsuki, along with Obito, the two of them dedicated their efforts into working towards the plan to end world conflict; the Eye of the Moon Plan. Like Obito, Aiko began using her own alias of Tsuki (, Tsuki). For years Aiko helped Obito manipulate the Akatsuki from the shadows to achieve their goals and eventually announced their plans publicy, thus plummeting the world into the Fourth Shinobi World War


Aiko is the yougest child of Tamashi Senju and Kohaku Uchiha, and the younger sister of Daisuke Uchiha. Aiko grew up in Konohagakure with her parents and older brother. Unlike like most Uchiha families, Aiko's family did not live in the Uchiha Compund. Aiko's father and brother were Jonin, therefore they were busy on mission's most of the time. Aiko's mother, Kohaku, was a member of the ANBU before she found out that she would have another child (Aiko).

After Aiko turned six her mother joined the ANBU once again, thus causing the time they spent together as a family to become scarce. 

Aiko was carefuly observed and kept a close eye on by the Third Hokage and Danzo Shimura through out her childhood for unknown reasons.

On one fateful night Aiko came homefrom the Academy to find her parents murdered by the son of Danzo Shimura, Raiden Shimura. Raiden's original intetion were to kill Aiko, but because of Aiko's parents' interference they were killed. Frozen with fear, Aiko was left vulnerable, which gave Raiden the opportunity to kill Aiko. However, Aiko's older brother, Daisuke, stepped in front of her; sheilding Aiko from Raiden's fatal attack. Because of this, Daisuke, like Tamashi and Kohaku, was killed attemtping to protect Aiko. 

Enraged and full of greif by this, Aiko awakened her Kekkei Genkai, the Sharingan and Wood Release. Raiden soon called for backup from other ANBU Black Ops members. Wood began sprouting from Aiko's body, which resulted in the destruction of her surroundings, a severly injured Raiden, and the deaths of the ANBU memebers, not including Raiden. 

After Aiko finaly calmed down, she was ehausted because of the overuse of her chakra. She was nearly unconcious when Raiden mangaed to stand up, she collapsed onto her knees and Raiden came up behind her, planning to stab Aiko with his katana. Fortunately, Aiko was saved when Raiden was supposedly killed with Wood Release, however, this was not Aiko's doing. Obito Uchiha had saved Aiko using his own Wood Release. Obito's hand reached out to Aiko, offering to help her. Before Aiko could accept the help Obito was giving her, she went unconscious.  

The next day she woke up inside the Mountain's Graveyard. Of course Aiko was, at first, a bit apprehensive. But soon enough, she began to trust Obito. Aiko spent several months with Obito and in the process their friendship grew. While spending time with Obito created a close friendship between the two, Obito also taught Aiko Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, and how to use her Kekkei Genkai Her time with Obito ended temporarilywhen Aiko decided she needed to go back to Konohagakure, where the rest of the people she cares about are. Before Aiko left she asked Obito what his dream or goal was, Obito said to Aiko that it was achieving the Eye of the Moon Plan ; a plan to end word conflict, as he believed. Aiko asked Obito what it was, and he explained it to her, Obito's own goal soon became one of Aiko's goals. This was one of the last things they said to one another before Aiko left for Konoha. Obito promised Aiko that if she were to be in great danger, he would be there to help and/or protect her.


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