the adaramugan is a dojutsu from the hyuga clan but the hyuga member must want to make the world a better place and have a very strong sense of wanting something or someone to be ok the adaramugan is a dojutsu that allows members of the hyuga clan to create matter at will this takes an enourmes amount of chakra but can also make chakra but not inside the users body the adaramugan can also create other forms of matter such as plasma liquid solid or gas. it can also create things like large anti-matter blasts or create dark matter to rip the targets atoms appart there are no know users of this dojutsu all that is known is (other than its abilities) is that it exists the adaramugan can put people under very powerful genjutsu on the level of tsukuyomi and other powerful genjutsuthe adaramugan has a chakra mode called adaramugan chakra mode it is dark red in color and gives of an color of light that hassnt yet been named its abilities are similar to the tenseigan chakra mode and bijuu mode

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