Acid Release

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Acid Release

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Acid Style




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Kekkei Genkai

Basic Nature

18px-Nature_Icon_Earth_svg.png Earth Release (Presumed)

Know Wielders

Myia Toshiro
Ryuu Toshiro


Acid Release: Acid Body Transformation
Acid Release: Acid Bullet
Acid Release: Acid Rain
Acid Release: Acid Wall
Acid Release: Acid Clone
Acid Release: Acidic Weapon
Acid Release: Deadly Dragon
Acid Release: Explosive Wall
Acid Release: Skin Acidic Secretion

The Acid Release (酸遁, Santon; Viz "Acid Style") is a specialised nature transformation kekkei genkai that can produce various acidic liquids and can corrode the objects they come in contact with. As Ryuu Toshiro says, his aunt mentioned, when he was a child, something about Earth Release as a component of the kekkei genkai. However it is still uncertain if earth is or is not a component.


  • It is an extremely rare kekkei genkai, because it was not inherited by all members of the Toshiro clan. However, it is not known if it is an exclusive clan kekkei genkai or not.
  • The only known members which inherited the Acid Release are Ryuu Toshiro and his aunt.
  • The acid produced by Ryuu, using his kekkei genkai, is red, which grants him the ability to corrode through any type of material. Myia's acid color was orange and the corrosion power of her kekkei genkai was weaker than her nephew's. The color of the acid produced may depend on the amount of chakra used by the possesor.
  • The Acid Release is weak against Water Release techniques, being completely neutralized when dissolved in water.
  • Many of the kekkei genkai's techniques were created by Ryuu.
  • You can use this kekkei genkai for your character, but you have to mention how your character steal/aquire it.
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